About Us

Photo by Sonia Marais
Arriving at the station

Our Story

We are a miniature model engineering hobby club. Our members are interested in the construction of many different types of miniature locomotives, traction engines and stationary models.

The Society was formed over thirty years ago by a group of model engineering enthusiasts. Over the years the site has grown as the members constructed several sized railway tracks, and a number of buildings, including a Clubhouse. The Society is happy to welcome new members into their ranks, and there is plenty of scope and support for anyone wanting to learn about these engineering skills as a new member.

The members are involved in constructing boilers through the Club boiler group under the watchful eyes of the Club boiler inspectors. Some members enjoy driving their trains at Club events and discussing all things steam, while others like to construct stationary examples of steam engines in home workshops. They share their hobbies and know how at many Club events.

The members are also involved in a number of activities throughout the year including holding a Public Run Day on the last Sunday of every month except December. They take part in many other public events including AMRA, The Hotham Valley Open Day, AALS Convention, and also have a close association with other Clubs in WA, Australia and with clubs in the UK.