Members’ Stories

Click on a picture to view the members’ shed or workshop of your choice

Robin's workshop, which is modelled upon a workshop in the grounds of Beatrix Potter's home in the Lake District in the UK.

Read Laurie's articles and view videos on traction engines, model boats and locos, especially 0 gauge.

Read Steve's articles on model engineering and his two locos The Tich and The Garratt

Read Stu's Engineering Story, or two other articles about models he has built. One about a steam car and another about a stationary engine. Stu has many videos and photos to share as well.

Come and see Clayton's Garden Railway Models

Read about Tom's memories of the Black 5 Locomotive. You can also view just a few of Tom's club photos here. 

Members’ stories is a landing page that will link you to our members’ individual webpages on the site. Here you can read about the experiences of members while they share their stories about their love of trains and modelling. Our members create or buy their models in different gauges or model types depending on their interests.

These models are scaled down versions of their favourite vehicles or stationary engines. Though you may not always see these different models at the Club, except on special exhibition days, these models can be as diverse as traction engines, steam powered boats, clocks or cars, stationary engines and, of course, trains. As you open these members’ ‘workshops’ you will find them full of interesting tales, pictures, and videos of their models.


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