Northern Districts Library

Welcome to our library, which contains articles about model engineering by members, and also our newsletter Steamlines. Articles are listed alphabetically by authors’surnames.

The NDMES Library Collection

Follow the link on the magazine icon to view copies of Steamlines, our Club Newsletter. The magazine is edited by Jim Clark and Tom Winterbourn. It is issued every two months and is widely read by not just the members of NDMES, but members of other clubs around WA and Australia also. This collection goes back to 1988.

Robin L's Article called 'My Covid Project'

Stu Martyn's Engineering Story

Building a


By Stu Martyn

Aussie Built

by Stu Martyn

The Lynton and Barnstable Railway

By Laurie Morgan

The ‘Royal Chester’ Traction Engine number 3251

The Shay

by Laurie Morgan

3½" Gauge 2-6-2

ALCO ‘Mountaineer’

By Laurie Morgan

The Wainwright

by Laurie Morgan

Steve Reeves'recounts his path into a lifetime love of model engineering

Tom Winterborn remembers his childhood 

love of the Black 5 locomotive

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