Contact Us

8 Vasto Place
PO Box 681
WA 6914

Geoff Wilkinson

Club House
(08) 6261 9719 (Tuesday morning or on run days)

Run Day information is on our Welcome Page, but for further enquiries: 0407010252


Party Bookings – please contact Paul if you require information or advice:

Paul Costall          0407010252


Please note that you will need to buy the tickets for your party via our bookings form.


Due to the Government Covid rules, please supply the name and contact details of all who attend the party. If you wish to reserve tables or need any other advice about holding a party at our events, please contact Paul Costall, our bookings manager.


If you require the rotunda, please book this first in the main public booking area to avoid disappointment, as there is only one available per session. Our team wish you and your family a great day out at our railway.